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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wine Grapes

The attendant said "We just released two new wines, Peach, and Blackberry".  My wife taste tested both, and picked the Peach infused Shelton Vineyards wine.  Now to go back to our hotel room (at the same facility) and prepare for in the morning when I will be off for my second attempt to "Run the Vines" of the Shelton Vineyards.  

Morning came, breakfast past, and there I was on the starting line.  I made sure I was a few rows of people back from the actual front, but close enough to the center to make it through what appeared to be a narrow starting chip timing shoot.  The race started a few minutes late, but soon I was forcing myself to slow from a 7 minute pace to a 7: 40ish pace.  Prior to this morning, I've mostly been training at long distances, but today, I would hopefully cash in some stock in the periodic speed and hill work over the past month.  

The course started in the hotel parking lot, took a right turn onto the adjacent roadway, and then trekked straight along some rolling hills for about the first 3 miles.  Somewhere near mile 3, the course made a 90 degree left turn into an actual house/property section, with wine grape rows on each side of the drive.  Just before making the turn, I took note of the police car, with the race leader not far behind, already traveling away from the turn I was about to make.  I tried to take in the beautiful view, but was soon distracted by the steep hill leading up to a plantation style house.  With a counter-clockwise circle drive turn around at the top, I was headed back down the hill.  I was able to gain a little momentum and a bit of encouragement as I met all the runners who were behind me prior to the turn.  To my surprise, I spied a few runners who I anticipated would have been way ahead of me.

The course pretty much was all declines and inclines from here on out.  I ran mile 4 almost all down hill, not really passing anyone, but maintained a respectable pace.  After that, miles 5-finish were 90% uphill, except for the last half mile or so.  I was encouraged that I did not slow down much, and even picked off a few younger looking runners.  I took water at the last stop, and made my way up the final accent, then turned left onto the last portion of highway before reaching the main entrance to Shelton Vineyards.  Just before the entrance, with about .2 to go, I kicked in what I had left in my gas tank and passed approximately 5 people, most of which were my senior, so I didn't get too excited.

I was motivated as the finish line clock came in to view and I was able to make out 47 minutes and something.  Yes, I forgot to stop my watch, but the official results link is below.  

At the 10 k awards, the 40-49 age group winners came and went without my name leaving the announcer's mouth.  My wife and I made our way back to the parking lot, where she had drove ahead to watch me finish, and we were off to enjoy the rest of  the day in Mount Airy (commonly know as the Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show).

The Wine - Spending a weekend away in the beautiful countryside of northwestern NC with my wife of 20 plus years.  

The Grapes - Well, I must say my second attempt at Running the Vines was bitter-sweet.  Bitter in that I did not run as fast as I wanted, but sweet that in a two years I shaved off 59 seconds from my total time from 2012.  

Official Results:
Time- 47:46:50
Pace- 7:42
AG-12 of 27
Overall- 41 of 208

Results Link-


  1. great post Kelly! You've been putting in all the long-hard miles, so a well deserved congratulations for the race effort and results!