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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Death Before DNF...

In search for my next challenge (after the Tobacco Road Marathon on March 15, 2015), I found Death Before DNF 50 miler.  I have copied and pasted some info from the website.  I have a lot of training to do, but for now, here's the info...

When: August 15th, 2015
Where: Briar Bottom Camp Ground
Why: "People would do well to have more failures in their lives" - Laz
How: Only you will find that out...
DNS Marathon
Drop to 50 Miler 
DNF 100 Miler 

This course is pre-marked with maps that will be provided with in order to traverse the loop. We are looking at a 25ish mile loop that climbs, and ascends, and climbs, and ascends, and gets hard, then gets harder! We are taking a "Page" out of the Barkley's Book by placing a single set of items at the turnaround checkpoint that you need to complete. The details of that completion will only be told once you arrive at the destination. The only aid station is what you bring with out on the trail as you will be able to restock once you get back to the Start/Finish Loop. If you decide to continue back out onto the loop we will add another challenge upon your decision. If you refuse the challenge you will be given the resounding DNF label on your result list along with many others. This challenge is designed to awaken the soul and the mind in pushing your perceived limits beyond the intangible. If you accept this challenge you are braver than I. That is why I am on this side of the event. I envy your participation none the less...Our main objective is to challenge the mind, body, and soul in hopes to change you. Make the individual better through a test of courage and failure. Through failure we appreciate success. Without one you simply cannot have the other.

P.s. You will not get an award for winning. Those who challenge themselves to the fullest extent will take something from this day that will not be taken away from them ever...


  1. Will be an amazing experience no doubt about that! Well wishes Kelly on this Grind-a-thon

  2. Enjoyed meeting and running with you! Let me know if you have any trouble with the link I sent to the pics.