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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From the Starting Line

     Be it stuck behind a desk with a seemingly unending list of "to do's" to finish, or a house with loving, but sometimes screaming and chaotic children, running is my outlet.  Sometimes I crave the run like the hungry person craves food. 

     Me...Well I'm 39, 5'11'' and about 167 lbs.  I'm a high energy person, with a country accent and big smile.  I love my wife dearly and have been blessed with three children (one is going to college in the fall).     I ran some in high school, never on a school team, but just to run.  I ran alot in the US Marine Corps, and ran quite a bit in Highway Patrol School.  Somewhere after my first duty station with the Patrol, a young child, and misplaced priorities, I stopped running.  Don't get me wrong, I could run some when I needed, but my cardiovascular system really declined as my years on the patrol increased.  One day, well several days, my wife (now of 19 plus years) suggested, among other things, that I run to reduce,or relieve some of my stress.  Well, let's say I took her advice and haven't looked back.  Actually, I now find myself being a bit obsessive, or addicted to running, or the outlet it provides.

     Growing forward...I continue to run toward my goal of completing my first half marathon in November, and eventually completing my first full marathon in 2013.  I've met some great people, at least electronically, along the way and have been fortunate enough to be the recipient of some great advice and offers for future training tips.


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